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Within the consultancy department we are looking for a customer-oriented senior consultant with in-dept interest in everything related to industry 4.0.

Our consultants are experts that have in-depth operations experience. They can match the right technologies to create the factories of the future, optimize operations processes and create a long-term growth strategy in line with our customer’s master plan.

As a strategic consultant you’ll have the platform to engage with C-level executives to create a road map to the factory of the future. As project lead, you will steer your multi-disciplinary team from master plan creation towards a successful implementation track.

A helicopter-view to identify the maximum potential for our customers alongside strong delegation, communication and coaching skills to the entire internal and external team, are essential traits of our senior consultants.

What you are looking for:

·         Capitalizing on your operations expertise to advise our customers in best-in-class practices with the highest possible ROI

·         Matching a customer’s vision to the Yitch #WHY is of great personal significance to you

·         Watching your vision come to life and being adopted by the customer creates a major sense of achievement (and rightly so!)

·         Cooperation with business and technical teams creating a perfect balance in the people versus technology interface

·         Investigating and understanding new technologies generate a sense of joy and personal growth for you

·         Working in a company that strives for internal and external excellence within automation and digitalization matches within your personal vision and mission

·         Change is an intrinsic motivator for you, it challenges you to question the status-quo and become part of the transition that is needed for businesses to continue to thrive in the future

·         You are eager to create a broad experience of best practices and can contribute from your personal experience to the support the team’s maturity

·         You are actively seeking to maximize the potential for your customers, no business opportunity escapes your watchful eye.

·         End-result ownership and accountability

Preferred skills

-          Strategic mindset, with in depth experience in guiding tactical and operational implementations.

-          A strong communicator who can not only create business-savvy solutions, but also has the business background needed to gain support and buy-in during the decision-making process at the customers

-          Broad experience and interest in a diverse number of customers and industries

-          General management and coaching experience

-          Experience in business case creation and KPI management

-          Organized and structured project approach and mindset

-          Consultancy experience is preferred but not required

-          +7 years of relevant experience

-          Fluent in Dutch and English (both verbal and in writing).

-          Not a perfect match? Not an issue, we strongly believe in the synergies that are created by diversity.

Not a perfect match? Not an issue, we strongly believe in the synergies that are created by diversity!

Most of all, in the evolution to the factories of the future, we require Yitchies to have a burning desire to continue their learning curve, be motivated to expand their knowledge and take on new opportunities when they are presented. For everything else, our internal organization of experts, trainers and business support got you covered!

What can we offer you:

We are a close-knit group of energetic and self-driven colleagues who enjoy challenging the status-quo. You’ll become part of a growing and ever-learning team, that does not believe in hierarchy, but places its trust into its employees by pro-active talent development, and actively supporting ownership and initiative. We offer guidance and support, in the form of on-the-job training, training programs and knowledge sharing across the organization. We strongly support and applaud initiatives from all employees to execute, improve and finetune our company’s mission.

Because, as a Yitchie, you will support our customers in keeping production efficient, to guarantee long-term employment locally. As a mission in work and life, that is to us and future generations a noble mission to become part of and it unites us in everything we do!

If this piqued your interest, feel free to reach out and start up the conversation!

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